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Boxoft Batch Photo Processor

Boxoft Batch Photo Processor is a batch photo editing software that can resize, annotate and watermark hundreds
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29 June 2014

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Have you ever came across situations wherein you wanted to impress your Facebook or other social networking buddies by uploading a cool profile pic of yourself but can not find any decent one in your collection? No big deal, not all of us are photogenic! Here comes the role of a high quality photo editing software such as Boxoft Batch Photo Processor 1.4. Blessed with an extensive set of quality features, this wonderful offering truly deserves at least one shot in case you are looking for an image editing software at an affordable price.

Boxoft Batch Photo Processor 1.4 is basically a simply designed software, yet powerful enough for all your image-editing needs. It allows users to make modifications on images regardless of their file-formats. Users also get the access to perform batch processing and add graphical filters to the images. The filter used in the software is divided into 4 main categories, including touch up, annotate, transform and effects. The features incorporated in the software are equally useful for both beginners as well as professionals. And all thanks to the pre-configured settings and effects, the process of image enhancement with this software can be done within matter of seconds only. And as if all these advantages were not enough, Boxoft Batch also allows you to carry out batch editing process instead of making adjustments and enhancing images one by one. The only task the user needs to do is- define series edits and apply it in an one-time operation. The main features of this software are: it supports different image formats like BMP,JPG,PNG,GIF etc.; in the batch process users can add up to 1 billion files; in the batch process users can apply touch up, graphical filters.

Owing to its extremely user friendly interface, an extensive set of quality features, as well as the ease of use, Boxoft Batch Photo Processor 1.4 deserves no less than a score of four rating points on five.

Publisher's description

Boxoft Batch Photo Processor is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful photo editor tool that lets you to
perform common modifications on a series of images, you can to batch apply multiple graphical filters to
your pictures, the filters are divided into four main categories: annotate, touch up, transform, and effects.
The program brings the power of batch processing to every digital camera owner, from novice to professional.
Image enhancements that used to take hours can now be done in minutes.
Instead of enhancing and adjusting pictures individually, Boxoft Batch Photo Processor
lets you select a group of pictures, define a series of edits, and apply them in a single
operation. You can see bellow Boxoft Batch Photo Processor's main features:
Graphic Filters:
Annotate: Add Date&Time, Text Watermarks, and Image Watermarks
Touch-Up: Adjust Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, Colors and more
Transform: Auto Rotate, Resize, Create Thumbnails, Crop, and more
Effects: Apply Blue, Black & White, Border, and more effects
Boxoft Batch Photo Processor features:
Supports multiple image formats, e.g. BMP, JPG, GIF, GIF, PNG
Batch process up to 1 billion image files at once
Batch apply annotate, touch up, transform, and effects graphical filters to photos
Save settings and use profiles for speeding up common tasks
Apply predefined or custom defined profiles to groups of picturesesize, the dimensions, and where you want to save the new photos.
Boxoft Batch Photo Processor
Boxoft Batch Photo Processor
Version 1.9
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